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Filmmaker . Director .

Born at a young age, I soon grew to love movies and TV. At the University of Texas, at Austin, I earned my degree in Radio, Television and Film. Truth be told, I didn’t take one class on radio or using film, so I should’ve earned a degree in TV and Video.


I started my career working long hours on independent movie sets and music videos.  Soon into my career MTV came to town looking for casting associates and I jump at the chance and worked my way up to camera operator. After the MTV series was canceled, Hollywood called and I answered.


Moving to Los Angeles meant I was now in the midst of pilot season. No lie, I even worked on a pilot called Celebrity Jury with Coolio. Luckily, I quickly found myself in the world of entertainment journalism working red carpets, junket interviews, and helping produce international entertainment news TV shows. I even started a YouTube channel currently with 3/4 a billion views and 1.4 million subscribers. After some commercial opportunities for Frito Lay’s Doritos, I began producing/shooting/editing my first documentary (bought by Hulu) which help me further tap into my love of storytelling. To find out more, why don’t you check out my resume or feel free to contact me to talk. I have some great stories and even better skills.

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