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Filmmaker . Director .

Born with cinematic dreams and a remote in hand, I embarked on a journey from the iconic University of Texas, Austin, armed with a shiny degree in Radio, Television, and Film. ) From indie movie sets to music video magic, I hustled and bustled. Then, like a plot twist, MTV rolled into town. I didn't just grab the opportunity; I danced with it, twirling all the way to a camera operator gig. But LA's siren call was irresistible. I headed west, and guess what? Coolio and I teamed up for a pilot. (Yep, that Coolio!)

But wait, there's more! I dived deep into the glitzy world of entertainment journalism. Red carpets? I've strutted. Junket interviews? I've nailed them. And just for some extra dazzle, my YouTube channel proudly parades a billion views and a fanbase of 1.55 million subscribers.

From munching Doritos in commercials to diving into the nostalgic pool with my documentary 'The Orange Years: The Nickelodeon Story' (a Hulu gem), I've been on a rollercoaster. And hold onto your popcorn! My directorial debut, 'Netflix vs. the World', clinched the 2nd spot on Amazon Prime's most-watched list in 2020. And heads up, 'Fan Level Midnight: Devoted to The Office' is dropping in 2024.

Intrigued? Dive into my showreel or hit me up. Spoiler alert: My stories are as epic as my skills! 🎬🍿

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